Weather and Climate Conditions

The San Francisco Bay Area has a Mediterranean Climate, with winter rainfall and very dry summers. High summer temperatures in the Bay Area increase rapidly with distance from the sea. Renowned author Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) once said: "The coldest winter I ever saw was the summer I spent in San Francisco." This is because the city of San Francisco experiences a strong cooling effect from the Pacific Ocean during the summer. Average high temperature at Golden Gate Park and the Presidio in July are just 15 degrees Celsius (60 F), although occasionally highs are 37 degrees Celsius (100 F). There is almost no chance of rain, and very little chance of cloud cover. Morning fog is common in the summertime.

The Lake Tahoe area has typical mountain weather. Precipitation occurs predominantly in the winter, in the form of plenty of snow (the 1960 Winter Olympics were held at Squaw Valley, a few km from the event center at Northstar). The competition areas have warm and typically dry weather in the mornings, with a possibility of afternoon showers. The Arenas are 1950 m (6400 ft) above sea level. For a week starting July 23 at Northstar, there is an average high of 27 Celsius (80 F), with an average low of 6 Celsius (43 F). Temperatures can range (in the extremes) between 37 Celsius (99 F) and -4 Celsius (25 F). For any day in this period, there is 11% chance of cloud cover, and 3% chance of some precipitation. Cumulative rainfall for the entire month of July is 7 mm. Humidity every day is less than 15%. The sunshine, altitude, temperature and humidity make it important for competitors to hydrate well.

Average temperatures and lighting for Northstar, CA: July 29

Times are Pacific Daylight Time

graph-f graph-c

Average weather Northstar, CA - July 29

Average high temperature: 81°F 27°C
Average low temperature: 43°F 6°C
Average temperature: 65°F 18°C
Likelihood of precipitation: 3% probability of 0.025 inch 3% probability of 1 mm
Average snowfall: 0 inch 0 mm


At Northstar Saturday, July 29 Sunday, July 30
Civil twilight* starts 5:27 am 5:28 am
Sunrise 5:57 am 5:58 am
Sunset 8:15 pm 8:14 pm
Civil twilight* ends 8:45 pm 8:44 pm
Day length 14:18 14:16
Moon Waxing gibbous, 91% lit Waxing gibbous, 97% lit
Moonrise 6:05 pm 7:09 pm
Moonset 2:05 am 3:03 am

* the sun is 6° below the horizon; maps can be read without lighting assistance